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Centreville Amusement Park

If you don't want to go to Wonderland because the rides are too scary for your young ones - or the tickets too costly - then the Centreville Amusement Park is a great place to visit.

The amusement park is geared for younger children, aged approximately 3 - 7 but the Haunted House, Log Ride and a few others are great fun for older children and parents as well.

You have to buy tickets for each ride, but check out day passes and family passes to help reduce costs.

There are many rides: an antique horse carousel, a small ferris wheel, a mini train that goes all the way around the park (and through a tunnel!), bumper cars, a swan ride, minigolf, pony express and many more. The newest addition is a small roller coaster that even young kids can enjoy.

Not all kids are allowed on every ride: some have height restrictions, but the restrictions make good sense. Also, parents need to go with kids on certain rides. Parents also need tickets.

As with every popular attraction, the best time to visit are the shoulder seasons or weekdays. Standing in long lineups for rides and food on a weekend isn't that much fun. So go early in the day, if possible.

There are restaurants and fast food outlets available throughout the amusement park area. You'll find hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, ice cream and other snacks.

Centreville amusement park


  • A family all day ride pass for four family members or more is $34.50 per person.
  • An individual all day ride pass for anyone over four feet is only $43.00 per person. For kids four feet or less is $32.75.
  • The season pass is $85.00 per person.
  • A sheet of 65 tickets is available for $70.00 each or a sheet of 30 tickets for $35.00. Rides take between 3 and 6 tickets.
  • All prices are tax included.

Note that day passes are not valid for the mini putting course! You aren't missing much though: the mini putting course is the most unimaginative course that should have been renovated ten years ago.

Far Enough Farm

The Far Enough Farm is a small petting zoo adjacent to the amusement park. You can visit the zoo for free.

For more information visit the theme park's website.