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You can walk from Centre Island to Hanlan's Point Beach or you can take Tiki Taxi from Lower Spadina to Hanlan's. There were lots of people there last weekend.

The center of the island is fine, slightly flooded but gorgeous as ever. Come on over!

On Sunday, July 14th we took the Tiki taxi to Hanlans Point beach (which is very flooded still, very little beach exposed in many places) and then walked through areas of ankle deep water and along sand bag rows along on the road to get to Center Island to catch the ferry back. It was fine, but definitely not dry. Could also of taken a Tiki Taxi back to Lower Spadina Wavedeck but we chose to walk. Regular bathrooms at Hanlans are closed but a trailer with washrooms is there instead.

Hey, Iíve lost my iphone 7 plus with a Naruto cover on it, on center island ferry (July 17,2019) and if itís found please contact me from 254-247-2719 text or call is fine. I will be giving a cash prize for it when returned.

Hey guys, Iíve lost my I phone 7 plus with a Naruto case (July 17,2019) on the ferry if anyone finds it please contact us at 254-247-2719 call or text please.

Just wondering on Saturday if the islands is all open or is some closed still. What islands are for kids as well.

How often is there garbage left on the beach? I have a group who wants to casually help clean up during our day there but we want to know if it is worth it and how much materials we will need.

Is Hanlans point open for boaters to dock

Hey, I Would like to know if there is any shower in the island next to the beach. Thanks for your answer.

For those asking about the flooding, the City of Toronto has the following update as of July 9, 2019: "July 9, 2019: due to high lake levels, there are no ferries to Hanlanís Point. Hanlanís Point beach, Olympic Island and Snake Island are closed"

Any updates on Hanlan flooding? Please share who went last weekend, if there's dry ways to walk from Hanlan to Central

Hi I lost my Samsung phone at island Saturday July 13th 2019...if anybody found it.... please call me at+16477075731... thank you

Good Morning, I was going to visit the island this weekend. Are there public washrooms open on Hanlans and Gibraltor? Thanks, Courtney

Is there still any flooding on the island

Is the snake island open on July 13th?

It is already July and hot, I doubt if Hanlan Point is still flooded! Will someone please tell us when the ferry boats to Hanlan resumes? I have disability in my foot but I need to visit Hanlan Point area...

Is Hanlans beach closed?

HI. I have been looking for a phone number online, but can't seem to find one that takes me to an office/ lost and found. I was visiting the island this past Saturday (July 6th) and I think I may have lost a small light blue suede wallet during my visit. I will keep looking for a phone number, but if you can direct me to someone that can help that would be amazing.

Hello, I lost my purse on the boardwalk near bike rental on Toronto island containing my Samsung phone note 8, wallet with all my id and bank cards, gift cards, key fobs, glasses. If found please contact me. PLEASE. Thanks you. There was no cash but I will give a reward.

Hello, I have lost my purse, wallet and phone on Canada Day. If someone has returned it please call me back. Could you please provide a phone number of the visitor centre. Thanks,

Hanlans as of Sunday had 1/4 of meter deep water on some roads leading into Hanlan's point. There were however lots of people going to the beach by walking through the water.

Hi i wanted to know if Hanlan's beach is closed this weekend? I was hoping to ferry over there on sunday

Hello, I know the ferry service to Hanlans Island is cancelled, but is the area of the island itself closed to the public or is it still accessible from Centre Island? Many thanks!

Is the ferry service to Hanlan's Point still not operating?

I lost my Samsung phone last night on the island/ferry. Is there any lost & found office/phone? my email:

There is a set of lockers right by the ferry docs as you disembark by Centre Island and more by the changing rooms by the beach / pier (walk all the way to the other side of the island, crossing the bridge to get there)

re:Dakota: a quick look at the ferry schedule has your answer. Sincerely: the guy who does some very basic searches before asking questions :S

Hello, I am planning a school trip for high school aged students from Agassiz, British Columbia. I was wondering what the ferry schedule will be during March of 2020. It is an Amazing Race trip and I need to ensure there are ferries frequently enough for all the teams to make it across. Thank you so much! Dakota

Hello, I am wondering where the locker locations are on Toronto island? Thanks

Are there any dog friendly restaurants on any of the three islands?

Some of the ferries can accommodate a vehicle but you should call in advance to ensure this service is available during rush hour, etc. The majority of the island is open despite the flood.

is it safe to visit tomorrow June 18 2019 with my students, is it open for public, because of any possible flood

Hi there, Is it possible to rent a Toronto Island Ferry on Thursday August 15th? We have a corporate event taking pace at Artscape Gibraltar point and are hoping to bring some BBQ equipment over to the island. We need a ferry that can fit a vehicle. Thank you, Talia

Hi I want to keep my Kayaks somewhere for the summer so I don't have to transport them back and you offer this service? Or know who does?

Hi, I'm travelling with a group of 30 seniors to the sunshine centre on wards island. We are wondering if it's just one ferry or if we have to specifically board the one heading to that island. We also wanted to know if the aids to the seniors pay for boarding the ferry. Thank you

Is ferry service to the islands open during flooding?

The ticket price on the main page has not been updated.

Being Hanlan Beach is half Clothing Optional, 99.9% of all the people that go there keep to themselves and don't cause a problems. I go there several times a season and haven't run into this. But as the clichť says, Always a bad apple in the bunch. It is likely a ramdom thing and the only thing that stops me from coming to the beach is high water.

Yes, dogs are allowed on the ferry as long as they are leashed. Yes, you can take the ferry to Ward's Island and come back from Centre Island. No idea about the question about gawkers -- anyone?

Hi Is it possible to take the ferry to Ward's Island and to come back from Center island's ferry ? Thanks !

I just wanted to confirm that dogs are allowed on the ferry.

Hi - I've heard of the issue of gawkers at Hanlan's Point Beach over the past few years. I had planned to go there while on vacation on Toronto next summer but was wondering if this issue had been solved to an extent, if the situation had gotten better? Thanks in advance

Please explain why the security guards are increasing their interrogation tactics. Why are they asking to look in my bag? Why are they asking if I am a resident?

Most of the island is open despite the flooding. Ferry service to Hanlan's Point is cancelled. Ferry operates to Centre Island and Ward's Island. Please call 416-392-8193 for updates about the ferry. Centreville is open with only a few rides closed due to the flood. Olympic Island and Snake Island are closed.

Dear Team, With the flooding, can you please met me know if the Ferry is still running to the Center Island and are there areas open to public still?

Hi I lost my wallet while I was at Toronto Islands around 3 weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone found a pink prada card holder with 2 credit cards in there under the name: Cheuk Ting Wan? Thanks

The island is open despite the flooding but there no ferry service currently to Hanlan's Point. Centreville park is open, only a few rides are closed due to the flooding.

Is the island open and are there the regular activities running (ex. bike rental, shops, restaurants, etc) aside from the unsupervised beaches?

Hi was wondering how the bike trail is as of right now.. heard there was flooding.. Just wanted to plan my trip roperly

A few answers: Centreville is open despite the flooding (according to their website). The ferry ride is 10-15 minutes. Wheelchair rentals are available at the lost and found.

Just checking to see if Centreville is open after all the flooding

Hi, how long is the ride?

Hi there, Are you guys in need of volunteers to stop the flooding on the island? Thank you, Tammy

Hi there, I am interested in taking photos for social media on the ferry itself, not the island. I am wondering if I need permits for that. Thanks so much, Becca

Hi, is there any on going discussion with the TTC and Metrolinx to get Presto setup at Jack Layton Ferry Terminal for the Toronto Island Ferry's? I think it would be great for tourists and residents alike to have the Ferry service be part of the greater transit system.

Hi, I am Corinne, and I purchased two tickets online last Sunday to go to Centre Island from Jack Layton Terminal. The tickets were charged on my card, but I have never received the confirmation email , the website crashed, so I had to buy another pair of tickets again in person. Please, is it possible to get a reimbursement ? I can provide proof of payment via email , please could you provide me with an address where I can send the attached documents? Thank you in advance for your help, Corinne (437)-580-4628

My husband has a difficult time walking, do you have some kind of vehicle for rent to assist people in this situation. Also, where are car parking spots in relation to the ferry serive.

Hi, I want to go the Center Island. I am not sure from where ferry departures and where I can get tickets?

hey I want to go Island but not sure from where ferry departures?

Hi Is the boathouse kayak rental open this weekend? Thanks Paul

How can I acquire a permit to bbq on the island?

wheelchairs available for rent at the First Aid and Lost Children Centre.

Hi, Would like to know is there any wheelchair to rental at the island or any golf car to bring you around? Or can we drive there? Planning to bring my mother to the island to visit but is not possible for her to walk all day cause of legs problem. Your reply is very much appreciated. Tks.

re: question about tours: check out these guys for a great tour:

Centreville is open - not sure where you get your info that it's closed, please provide a source next time. Also...The Ward Island ferry can take cars so I'm sure a hospital bed would also be OK as long as it's in/on a truck - please check with the ferry operators

Shoutout to whoever wrote the witty sarcastic stuff on this website. Really made my day and it's only 5:30 am!

How an I bring cargo (a single hospital bed) out to Ward Island by ferry?

Hi, is the Centre Island open on Monday, Victoria Day?

Can you tell me if there is a narrated cruise tour to Toronto Islands and to see the Toronto Skyline, then get off on the Island for a tram or trolley tour, then return to the cruise back to Toronto? Please reply to the email address I supplied. Thank You.

Hi i lost a sony speaker in bbq area 18 on olympic island on saturday last week(may 4th), how can i contact lost and found centre

Hi Has centreville closed down - I noticed website doesnt work

How were the water levels and flooding on Ward Island in June in past years?

Can you bring a car to the island?

Hi just wanna make sure if the bike rental and the Centerville amusement park is open on the weekend of 5/4, 5/5. Is this weekend a good time to visit the island?

Are the kayak and canoe rentals open? What are the timings exactly? And are the prices on the website latest?

Hello: Are your kayak rentals at the Boathouse available next weekend? Thanks, Ruby Tang

Hello, my name is Danilo and I have a question: what is the Ferry's schedule at this time of the year to go to the Islands. I did not find this information on the website. I only saw the info about Mid May to September. Thank you

Just wondering if anything will be open on Motherís Day May 12. Hoping to bring the family over to the island.

Hi, what is the price of a monthly pass? Thanks.

Hi all - there are a few great questions sent in recently so if anyone knows the answers please share it here - thanks!

I am inquiring about pricing for special needs students on the Ferry to Toronto Island. Our school has 6 students with special needs and we would have 6 staff to push them as none of them are independant. We are trying to co-ordinate a trip to the island with another class, regular mainstream students , class of 26 students and 3 staff. Thank you, Christine Doherty

what kind of snow cover/depth is there on toronto island today? is there a website/link that has that info updated daily/weekly? much thanks

Are there any summer employment opportunities on the Island?

Are the trails cleared in the winter for a hike?


Hi there, I am interested in hiking around one of the toronto islands. Is that possible during winter? I live very close to the ferry docks and am looking for a place to experience some nature within the city (and fresh air!) but wasn't sure if the islands offer that experience during the winter months. Many thanks!

You should call the boathouse at 416-397-5166 to discuss details for your rental.

Hello, We are hoping to arrange Kayak / canoe rentals for July 13 2019 for 20 - 40 people. Can you let me know options for a group of this size? Thank you!!

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