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To whom this may Concern, Ankle bite at Center Island beach in the water. Who would I contact about reporting an ankle bite, in the water at center island beach? I received a painful bite that lead to a very painful experience and swollen ankle after walking in the water at center island beach. I was waste deep walking east too west when something sharp scratched my ankle. At first I did not think much of it because there was no blood and the pain was only minor. 2 1/2 hours later my ankle swelled up and the pain was excruciating for at least 5hrs, until I took some pain medication to make it bearable. I could not put any weight or even move my ankle and leg because of the pain. Could a water bug cause this bite, and if so what is done too control them. My family and I visit this beach regularly, and I am lucky it was myself that received this bite and not my young children.

Who wrote this Web site? I can't believe all the grammatical/spelling misteaks!

Are dogs allowed in the Islands and the amusement park?

How much is bike rental and are helmets available. It would be helpful to have this information on the bike rental site.

Hmmmm....Why is Halifax posted on the sign and not St. John's as most easterly point? Canada does not end in Halifax?

Young kids and elderly people may find walking on the islands too much. It's a lovely place and certainly there is no need to hurry - there are no cars or anything else that disturbs your walk but you may want to consider a wagon or bicycle for kids and take frequent breaks with people who find long walks exhausting.

I am planning on going to the island on Sunday with my family and kids but am also planning on bringing my parents. My dad is 78 and uses a cane. Will it be too much walking for him? Are there things for him to do? Can we BBQ and picnic? I have never been there. Thank you.

Hello All, we are planning a stay in Toronto next, and I would like to know opening hours of the island's restaurants. thanks in advance and cheers - Daniel

Hello, is there a way to get more information about kayak rentals? Is there a phone number to call? Or, - are there sit on kayaks (rather than sit in kayaks) available? - are there tandem kayaks available? Thanks.

Good evening. I attended Centre Island today with my son. While there, my son managed to get a piece of bark from one of the trees located in the vicinity of Franklin's Garden. I tried to wash the bark from his eyes with no success and was directed to the First Aid Office in Children's Village. When I inquired if they had anything to help me, they were only able to provide Visine. I then took my son to the bathroom on the main path to again try to wash his eyes out. While in the women's bathroom, one of your workers, Linda (Employee 8141443) , approached me and offered her assistance. She took us to a built in eyewash machine which was in the back of the bathroom. This unfortunately did not help. Another employee, Martin Harris, suggested we use the portable eye wash bottle. After several tries, this device managed to dislodge the bark from my son's eye. I just want to bring this to someone's attention because these two employees, in my opinion, went above and beyond the call of duty to help my son. I am very grateful for their kindness and feel strongly that their efforts must not only be acknowledged but also brought to the attention of management. Thank you for your time and please again let them know how very grateful I was for their invaluable assistance. Georgina Dash

Underwater tunnel to the island airport is now open!

Ferry tickets can now be purchased online!

Hey, can I bring blow up floties to the beach?

What is the name of the island south of Centre Island? Does the island that stretches from the Billy Bishop Airport to Ward's Island even have a name?

When will the William Meany Maze open to the public? I understood that it was planned to be opened May 24, but I haven't seen anything else about it since July 2014. when I visited the first weekend of June, 2015, the construction fence was gone, but the entrance was closed off.

During the International Dragonboat Festival will kayaking and cannoeing be available for rental? If so, are there areas that will be off bounds?

Are there single stall wheelchair accessible washrooms on all public islands?

Canoe / kayak rental is by the pond that is across the "far enough farm". Go past the bridge on center island and turn left (coming from the city) and the rental place is about a 3 min. walk.

Is there canoe or kayak rentals available? Ifyes, whereabouts? Near the dock or inside the aamusement park?

Hello, I see there lockers available on the island - are there any close to Hanlan's Point and what are the locker measurements? Thank you! My-Tien

Hello, Just wondering if they provide child seats at the Bike rental place and also what the costs of the rentals is. Thank yOU

The paddle boat rides are available for rental at the rental office that is just left (facing the pier) of the big fountain by the main bridge. Another way to describe this location is that if you're on the main bridge on Centre Island and you look left (east) you'll see the restaurant on the north side of the river and the rental office on the right side.

Where are the paddle boat rides? How much do they cost? Not the ferry rides

You can read about the application process here:

Where do I apply to get on the list for housing at Wards Island???

hello! I'm planning a birthday party for one of my friends and we're going to head out to the island this saturday. I was wondering if you can book the baseball diamond, or if it's first come first serve? Thank you, kelly

maybe an admin an answer a question,please I remember several years ago riding our bikes past several willow trees that had unusually long,fluffy catkins.what variety of willow trees are these?

You can call 311 for info, there is a bit of a wait sometimes but they are knowledgeable or go to

Is there a place I can call to have informations?

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Website almost live, just in time for the warm weather.