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*Lost & Found* Hi, I lost my bike lock. We took the ferry to Wards Island today, Friday, December the 21st, at 3:30pm and back at 5:45pm. Anyway you please could let me know if you found it on the ferry? It’s a medium black u-lock. Thank you so so much!!! Mathilde Contat-Federico 647-785-4389

What is the big red bucket thing over on Ward’s Island?

Hello! Are the cafes at the island open for dinner on a Saturday now in October? What are their hours? Thanks in advance!

There is a lost and found on Centre Island on the left side halfway between walking from the ferry docks to Centreville (by the police station). Not sure if that's the only lost and found or not but that's one for sure.

I was wondering if there is a list and found o. The island. Slim chance of it being found, but when we went biking we lost a car key to a Toyota, and thought maybe there is a small chance it was found

Hello, I am visiting Toronto on Oct 26 to 29. What can I do on the Center Island around that time? Are the leaves gone or still pretty much yellow? Change of colors? Are there rental bike on the island? Thank you.

I lived in Toronto for 18 months in 1987. We visited an island that had people living there, but it was my understanding that as they died or sold their property, the house reverted to the government who may have razed the house. would anybody know which island that was, and how many homes are still left? I am from the states but we loved Toronto.

Will there be ferry service to Hanlan's Point in the second half of October?

Planning on attending on sept. 29 2018, are all rides and attractions still available then, when exactly does the park close For the season

On Sep 22 ferry to Centre Island runs at 8am 9am 930am and every half an hour until 930PM

Could you please tell me if the ferry to Centre Island is running on Saturday September 22, 2018? if so what time please?

I am planning on going to the island today. There is no mention as to which restaurants are open and if so till what time. Where can I find this information.

You can rent a canoe without experience at your own risk. I would strongly recommend that you only do so if you know how to swim.

Hi, Will I be allowed to rent a canoe if I have no experience in canoeing and neither does my party?

I bought ferry tickets online, but they dind't show up in my email. So I had to buy them again in person. I wanted to inquire about how to get a refund.

can i go to the island in the month of october

Yes, you can bring dogs on the ferry, leashed.

Where do I make enquiry for a lost property on the island 6 weeks ago as I only found out about it today? Many thanks

Hi there, I checked your FAQ and it says dogs are allowed onto the island as long as they are leashed - this also means they are allowed on the ferry, correct? Thank you! Celine

Good morning, I would like to ask if Toronto Island ferry tickets purchased online have expiry date. Would you please let me know. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Eva

Hi, your website states a family pack for Centerville is $108.00 on line. When I go to purchase on line it states the price is $114.00. When you include taxes that is a very big difference in price. You need to adjust your pricing to reflect the correct price as this is false advertising.

Not quite sure how accurate the ferry schedule is ie 15 minute wait to center island. I waited 1/2 hr to cross in morning and 45 minute wait for return ferry. Long wait times when you have young children especially in the heat. The island visit was great but ferry wait times could be improved.

Coudl you tell me how much time we need to have a good look around the islands - goig to the pier and seeing the attractions on the way there and possibly on the way back the marinaas well.

Is there any flooding on the island after the recent rains?

Hello, I plan to visit the Island on Saturday, August 11th. What shape is it in after the torrential rain this week? Is there flooding? Thanks.

If I lost my keys on the beach, where might they end up if someone turns them in?

Yes the ferry is wheelchair accessible and dogs, strollers and wagons are also allowed on the ferry.

Hi can i take stroller and wagon both on the ferry?

Can we go directly by foot from the airport to hanlan's

Hello I would like to know if dogs are allowed on the ferry to the center island?

Hello, I want to know about the wheel chair accessibility to the centre island. Is the wheel chair allowed in some ferries? Thanks

You can pretty much bbq anywhere but charcoal only No propane or butane allowed on ferry or island.

Hi! We will be visiting Toronto during the next week and we would be very grateful if you could tell us where we could make a barbaque on the islands as I can't find it on the web. Thanks in advanced for all Regards from Barcelona

Hi, is the ferry running on Sunday August 5, even though Monday August 6 is the Civic holiday?

You don't need to print ferry or Centreville tickets. Phone ok for both.

If you have ferry ticket issues purchased online please contact ticket sales directly. We aren't able to address ticket related issues on this website/forum.

Going to Centreville. Do we have to print tickets bought online or showing it on cell phone is enough?

can you rent a quad bike from centerville and ride to the island cafe?

Yes, the ferry operates in the rain. I'm not aware of wheelchair rentals on the island - anyone?

Are there wheelchair rentals on all islands? Is there a cost? Is ID required for rental?

I took the ferry on Saturday, bought 2 return tickets but was charged twice. How can I get reimbursed?

Good Morning On Sat July 21 2018 my wife and 2 children (1 in a stroller) 18mths old had been waiting for the ferry. There were a lot of people granted its summer but on boarding the ferry there was mayhem. People were just pushing like this was the last ferry on earth and death was near. It was so disgraceful. I have been going on this ferry my whole life and have never seen this type of behaviour. I had my baby being kicked in the head by another parents child as he was held in his dads arms trying to step OVER MY STROLLER to get ahead of me, his foot caught in my wheel because he was to ignorant to wait 2 seconds for me to pass. People pushing from behind. You really need to get a handle on the situation before someone gets hurt and the city gets sued. I went through the barriers on the way to buy tickets so why is there not something like that inside. Something needs to be done or I will definitely be taking additional action with the local MPP. Thank you Tammy

I lost a ring at Centre Island, Friday, July 20, 2018. If anyone has found a ring, please email me and I will describe it, to confirm it's mine. Possibly left behind beside the sinks in the ladies' washroom, just before getting on the ferry, around 2 pm. Thank you.

Hello I wanted to know if the ferry still runs when it is raining!

Walk from Hanlan's to Centre to Ward's depends, obviously, on your walking speed, for an average walker it's about 1:30min to walk the island end to end but again, this greatly varies as some people walk quickly and some and my husband walked it once in under an hour but that was a bit intense :-) Also, propane canisters of any kind are not allowed on the island (and the ferry) as far as I's a safety concern...

Many people are asking about watercraft rental: please contact the boathouse directly, their contact info can be found here:

Hi, We are a group of 9 people wanting to rent canoes and kayaks from the island next Friday, July 27 in the early afternoon. Are you able to share more information regarding the price, availability, reservations, etc. Thank you, Salome

I’m curious if we are allowed to fish on the island? I was told of some big bowfin in the “trout pond”... just wondering if I would be able to bring rods on the ferry and fish the ponds?

Are dogs allowed on the beach and in the water?

Hi, I saw that propane BBQ are not allowed on the island. I was wondering if the small portable butane stove is allowed? Thanks

Hello, I have a question regarding a trip we are organizing. Would you happen to know what the best drop off location would be for a school bus? We are looking to bring a group of families down via school bus on Aug. 2, 2018. Please let me know. Thank you.

Hello, I am looking to rent 2 kayaks (or 2 SUPs if available) for this Saturday, July 14th (at about 2pm). Looking to rent this off the island, which would be from The Boat House. Is there a way to reserve this in advance? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you, Andrea

I was at Hanlan's Point last night and beached my kayak on the leeward side of the island. When I went to leave it was gone as well as my spray skirt, paddle, lifejacket etc.Did your staff move it or has it appeared in your lost and found? It is grey on top with a white base and red piping around the water line. It is a fiberglass slalom river kayak made by Femat Manufacturing and is over thirty years old and has been patched a few times. Pleas let me know if you know anything of it. thanks Stuart Northey

No additional charge to bringing bikes on the ferry.

Is there an additional charge for bringing bikes on the ferry?

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone on the island has a toddler potty that I could borrow for about a week?

Hi. I left a GoPro camera on the Center Island ferry while returning from the Islands on July 8, 2018. I am wondering if there is a lost and found and if any one turned in a camera. Thank you very much

Are all the bike trails opens on the island

To whom it may concern, I would like to voice a complaint and horrific experience regarding the public space of Hanlan's Point beach, specifically the Clothing Optional beach. Firstly, I'd like to mention that I fully support the idea of a clothing optional beach. I think it's wonderful that we have a space like this in Toronto, but unfortunately after an incident that I witnessed there on Monday, July 2nd, I will never be returning again. After exploring the island, my two friends and I decided to stop by the beach before heading back on the ferry. After sitting on the beach for 15 minutes, a group of people (one man and three women) start engaging in sexual activity approximately 10 feet in front of us, right on the beach. It was very explicit, and to be quite honest, it was traumatizing. It is extremely disrespectful to all beach goers who want to enjoy the beach, we did not consent to being a part of these people's exhibitionist fetish, and it felt like a complete violation. I reported the incident to security who reported it to the police. What was even more upsetting was that the police officer informed me that this is typical. When I called back the following day, a man at the front desk of the Toronto Police Marine Unit informed me that no report had been made (ie these people were not caught). When I asked him again about the frequency of these incidents, he responded: "Well yeah, its a naked beach". To be honest, I don't understand the connection between having a space in the city where people are free to swim and lay in the sun in the nude and the fact that I observed a man having sex with a woman while two other women watched, right in front of my face. And to be spoken to this way by the police officer, as if this is to be expected, shocked me. Clearly this is not getting taken seriously, and I don't understand why. Furthermore, I was informed that the only punishment for this type of behaviour is getting kicked off the beach, and maybe sometimes a fine. In my opinion, these people need to be registered sex offenders. From my understanding, this beach used to be quite family friendly, people are able to bring their children if they choose, and regardless, if people with a history of sexual trauma were to witness something like this, it would be devastating. This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable in public spaces. The purpose of this beach is not for people to come to engage in sexual activity, but it's reputation as such is growing and now I see why. If these incidents are not dealt with properly, as clearly they are not, the beach becomes inaccessible to those who actually want to enjoy it in a respectful environment and those people who use it for sex will become more prominent. I hope you will think seriously about dealing with this problem, as this is a public space in the city that is important for many people and people want to continue to enjoy. Thank you for your time, Alice Tsibulsky

Hello there Island community, I was at the Rectory Cafe on Tuesday July 3, and left/dropped my cell phone somewhere.... either in a washroom or quite possibly on the ground near the area at the front of the Rectory where there are a number of bike locking stations. I was unlocking my bike in the dark, and it is possible the phone fell on the ground at that time, and since it was dark I did not notice. I have checked with the Rectory and they have not found it, so appealing here in case anyone else has. If so, please contact me at - I appreciate it. It's an iPhone 5c, white, but in a thick black rubber case. Thanks, Julia

Hi, We visited Centre Island on Friday the 22nd of June. During our visit we misplaced a camera, it is an Olympus Tough \"TG-860\' Black/Orange in colour. If anyone has found it could you please let me know. Cheers Shane G

YES, the island is open on July 2 and the ferries are running! (well...sailing)

Are there showers near the beach area?

Is the ferry service open on July 2, monday?

A few answers to recent questions: Yes, the island is open "full time" now during the summer months. And to answer another question: no, there isn't generally a large lineup at 8AM for the ferry. This is a private website and we're unable to respond to every question, especially about maintenance of facilities, permits, etc. Please call 311 or email the City of Toronto directly. And yes, outside food is allowed on the island.

Are we allowed to bring food from outside on the island?

Is there a regular ferry schedule running both this Sunday and Monday?

I posted a comment about dirty women's bathrooms at the Ferry Dock on June 14th. I have not received a reply. how come I did not get one. Because it was not a lovely glowing review? I live in Toronto. I need an answer! Washrooms at the BBQ & Beer Garden were also dirty on June 25th!!!!!

We'll be going to the Toronto Islands this Thursday June 28. Are all facilities open daily now? Restaurants etc? Thank you!

Hi, Is there still a misquito problem at the island? Is there usually a large line up of people at the pier going TO the island at 8AM? Thanks, Wei

You can bring charcoal bbq under 10 people. Propane is not allowed on the ferry. There are charcoal bbqs on the island (permanent spots) so you can use them as well but they are first come first serve. Enjoy!

Hello, I have a question for BBQ with under 10 people. Can I bring charcoal small BBQ? Do I need permit? Could you give me some more information for BBQ?

Hi there! My name is Emma Louise Jones and I lost my Canadian Permanent Residence card on June 21st and i was wondering if anyone has handed it in? Thanks!

Hanlan\'s Point beach is dangerous to swimmers as many boats parked in the beach area 10 feet from the shore. Only 1 safety buoy is deployed rather then the usual 4 or 5. can you help Thanks

BBQ is first come first serve unless you have 25+ people, then reservation is required. Charcoal only.

Boat House - I forgot to pick up my driver\'s license, after renting the kayak at boathouse, can someone please from boathouse email? I rented the kayak on Saturday, June 1, 2018. I would like to come pick it up today, what time does the boathouse close? Telephone Number - 416-700-4228

Hi! If my friends and I are planning to utilize the bbq station next weekend, would we have to call and reserve it or is it first come, first serve? Please confirm! Thanks in advance

Today, my son found a monthly metro pass. I give it to the finch collector around 5:46 pm and he will give it to lost and found at union. Please call them if you have lost your metro pass on centre island.

The island is fully open after last year's my knowledge - if anyone know of any facility that is closed please post it here - thanks!

Have the volleyball posts already been put up on Olympic island for sat june 18th

Is Olympic Island open for picnics again after the flood damage of 2017?

You can get a permit from the City here:

If you are with a kayak near Hanlan's point then you want to go around the island and you can easily get out near the beach. Don't go into the channel as it's mostly for docking boats and you'll have a hard time getting out of a kayak there.

Hello I would like to know if dogs are allowed on the beach. Thank you☺

Hi, I was wondering if when renting a boat at the boathouse, if you can pay with American Express. Thank you

Hi, is there a good place to get out of the water via kayak near hanlan's point ferry dock? And is there an option to lock up our kayak as we wander the island?

As a visitor, i found very disappointing that the staff did not know why the Boathouse was closed on last Sunday 27, that was the main reason i went to the Island to rent a boat and I could not complete my trip as i had planned.

I found a black briefcase near the Centre Island ferry docks, with initials K.L. written in ink on the side. Anyone? Send a message here if it's yours.

Hello everyone....we can't help with complaints about ferry tickets - please call (416) 392-8193 to speak to the Ferry Operations directly. Thanks!

I purchased and was charged for a ferry ticket that was never sent to me

Hello there.. i lost a totebag on the ferry on Friday with Winners logo. it had keys and clicker for Toyota car... sun cream...knee brace... Could you check for me if this has been found? Thank you Judy Barraclough. 647 460 4196

Hello, I'm wondering if fishing is allowed on the island and if so, which areas can we fish in?

Bring your own beach volleyball net is your best bet. there are none setup on a permanent / predictable basis

I've heard there are a few B&Bs on the island. Can't remember their names but there are definitely a few...

Hi, are there places to stay on the island? And if so where would be the best area to stay?

Hello, I was wondering if I was allowed to bring a beach volleyball net setup to Wards Island, or if there are already nets setup there? Thanks

The boathouse had canoues available each time I went there- without a reservation.

yes, the lost and found is located on centre island approx halfway between the ferry terminal and centreville

Can I use sparklers at the island or do i need a permit? I need for educational project and thinking of having the toronto view as the backdrop

Hi, I'm planning a trip in July, do the changing rooms have showers? Thanks!

Question for the Boathouse. I have never rented canoes from there before, on average how quickly do canoes get rent out on a Saturday? I would like to know how early to show up. Would noon be a good time?

Do you know if there is a designated Lost & Found area on the Island (Hanlan's Point)? We're looking for a white iPhone 6 (in a grey/white Pelican case) that went missing on Sunday. Thanks for your help!

I am and Island resident. Yesterday evening May 14 the ferries leaving for the Island were very delayed. There was considerable confusion at the dock amongst both residents and visitors (most wanting to go to Centre). As I arrived for the 4.45pm boat there was an undecipherable announcement, none else I spoke to heard what it said. I twice asked at the ticket booth/office (not the ones out in front), for the woman there to make an announcement to allay people\'s confusion. First she said she had made an announcement 3to 4 minutes ago. I had been there at least ten minutes and there was no announcement. As the confusion grew, I went to her again and asked if she could please let us know what was happening or even just that there was a delay and please be patient. She was rude brushed me off and refused, saying the boat was coming in. Sure there was a boat coming in from Centre, it was packed and took many minutes to unload. They then changed it to the Ward\'s ferry which further confused the visitors wanting Centre who all go on anyway. I fully understand that there was a problem and things were late. My question is Why not make an announcement or several. How difficult is that. The TTC does it every couple of minutes. It is just so unnecessary and inconsiderate to operate this way, for all concerned. I object to the rudeness and dismissal of my polite request by the attendant, I submit this official complaint to being treated that way and to the unnecessary confusion piled onto visitors. What is the problem here. Please improve your communications and act like a City department that is concerned for the well being of its clients, and adheres to the principles of simple customer service.

Hello, I have two questions... 1) If my friend and I rent a canoe for both of us to paddle around in, will it just be us in the canoe or will there be a worker/others in with us and is the price $29 for the canoe rental for the first hour? 2) The two person bike rental will be open on saturday may 19th?

I am writing to you because of your 3.30pm ferry from centre island today. I have missed my bus and flight because of the lateness of your ferry service which was over 15mins late leaving centre island and then decided to do some circles on the journey back to make some even more late. I thought I could rely on your schedule in the spring time on a Monday afternoon. God only knows what the service is like when it's busy! Thank you for wasting my money and time

Will there be alot of mosquitoes in the camp area on Snake Island the weekend of June 2? Thanks.

Hi Team, i was wondering how the islands are accessible for disabled people and the boats in themselves. I am looking at coming here in June with my carer. Also, does my career go free on the boat / reduced. i hold a UK Parking permit for disability. Will this be useable. Kay

Umm, Toronto the city of 10 million on a lake? How to manage a lake and ecology vs. people. I love center Island and I've lived in Vancouver and love waterfront/beach culture. Please remember that Vancouver is home to only a million and sometimes in high density areas you have to make rules to support the environment and balance it with people. Center island has always been a great place to visit but too many people on the island will effect the quality of a fresh water lake. I would change tourist operations around the lake. Niagara has a great ferry system, people are on and off the boat in a way that's organized so that there is not too many people in one place at once. I would have a boat tour with a one or two hour stop on center island and then keep the tourists in an area that's organized. Or maybe it should just be for residents with a residential pass. Times are changing, there's way more people than normal and in some areas the lake and the wildlife including wetland birds NY "Brava duck" (they are very important wetland birds in their natural habitat, women especially like the brava duck, their waste is fermented vegetation, it's harmless to people and a natural fertilizer) are more important than people. Please think about making some changes to center island. Give harbor front tours with a stop at central park instead. Manage the number of people on the island and make ecology and eco lifestyles a priority on the island. The island could be a stage for eco homes. or there could be eco stores like "Mec" on the island for example. Do something different and help manage the lake. People should not be able to go to the island and spend the whole day there (that was for Canadians, most of whom are religious with good behavior). Anyways think about a plan to manage people and change tourist behavior on the island like ($15 boat ride) to island with the exception of residents (they could get a discount pass) and organized waterfront tours tours. There are lots of other parks around the GTA for park BBQ and recreation with water features that are away from the actual lake. Get creative, hire a creative money making tourist team who are maybe from Toronto or Niagara and have fun, it's Canada. Please help protect Lake Ontario a fresh water source by managing and organizing tourism, including international. The lake is indirectly connected to some people drinking water in the USA. Very different than the ocean salt water. Think about numbers of people and time allotted to different spaces in for tourism. This is just a casual note. Thank you for your time, please forward to management.

Yes, the island is OPEN!

How many holes of disc golf are available on the island? I am seeing some sites that seem to indicate there are two courses (36 holes), and other sites seem to say there is only one (18 holes).

Could you give some indication of the expected "bothersomeness" of mosquitoes in the camp area on Snake Island the weekend of June 2 this year? I would like to join friends camping there and then, but am a "warm" person who often gets bitten. I've heard that during some seasons, mosquitoes don't bite, something to do with their gender and their lifecycle phase. Last year, West Nile virus was confirmed amongst mosquitoes on the Toronto Islands. What do you expect this year? Thank you.

Hi is the island open now??

Hi, please can you tell me if the Canoe rental and/or Bike rental on the Islands are open this weekend (May 5 & 6). Thank you.

Hi, I was wondering where I am allowed to fish on the Toronto Islands?

Hi is the centre park open during the week end of 5th and 6th ?

I heard that the Bike rental place sold the business. Is there still rentals this year 2018? Maybe Toronto bikes?

Any info on who is taking over the Rectory Cafe? We saw today while visiting the island that it will be opening on April 27th but cannot find anything online regarding this.

Just wondering if there are plans to have the Garden Tour in 2018 as last year the island was closed due to flooding. Thanks. t

is the island and amusement park going to be open this June 2018 ??

No, the lockers aren't very big, 18x18" approx.

What is the size of the lockers? Are they big enough to fit a large backpack? Or a small suitcase?

Hi, is toronto island is open in april? We are two families planning to visit during 12 or 13 april. TiA

Hi, If I wanted to rent up to 6 canoes or more, is there a phone number I can call to reserve them? We are coming to Toronto for a visit from Germany and would like to make sure that there are canoes on a specific day. Thank you in advance Nelly

Hi there, Is everything on the island open on May 6th?

I am bringing a group of 50 grade 9 students to Toronto in April and I would like to visit Toronto Island on Wednesday, April 25. Can you please let me know what the best options are for activities at this time of year. Any other info is helpful, as this is my first time visiting Toronto. Thanks!

Hi there, I'm wondering if it's available to stay overnight at the Island, to do a camping. Is it allowed?

I am wondering if Toronto Island will be open this summer (2018)? If so, will anything remain closed b/c of the floods?

You won't get seasick during the 15 minute ferry ride.

Can we visit Toronto island by train or bus?because I have sea sick problem.thanks

Is there a forum where people post info about house swaps/rentals on the island? We'd like to rent a place or swap our downtown home w/someone this summer. Thanks in advance!

Hello! I am looking to talk to someone about donating some Centreville Amusement Park tickets for a silent auction gift. I will provide all information in a private email if someone would like to reach out and discuss this with me. Thank you!

Hello, We would like to ferry our 41'4" RV to Toronto Island. Likely, the date would be in June. Kindly advise what documentation or otherwise is required on our end. Geneviève McLeish MADD Canada 905-829-8805 ext. 225

Good afternoon. We are considering having an event on the islands - this would be on Sunday June 17th - for a group of approximately 65 people. We were thinking of having a BBQ and perhaps doing a baseball game or company Olympics for the afternoon. I understand we would have to get the permits for the BBQ's, can we also bring alcohol over (with a permit)? I am assuming that space is on a first come basis, but perhaps you can confirm there are no areas that we can reserve for a group of our size? Can catering be arranged with any of the restaurants instead of us bringing BBQ's over (we will be staying at a hotel near by, so not sure how we would work that). Thank you

Thanks Javad, I'm not interested but you may want to check with a City of Toronto official also.