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I'm interested in talking to someone about potentially holding a special event at Toronto Island Park. Please let me know if you can direct me to the proper person or department that I can exchange information with to see if this is a possibility. Thanks

Hi, My father is a senior citizen and is not able to walk for a long time. Is there a provision to rent a wheelchair at the Toronto islands? If so where can I get them and what is the rate for it?

Bike share on the island - BE AWARE that a bike is available from bike share for only 30 minutes. Then it must be returned to the rack and you can take another. Do not take a bikeshare bike on the ferrry to the island to ride unless you want to pay hefty overtime fees ($1.50 for first half hour but goes up steeply beginning in next half hour). A 24 hour pass gives you access to bikes for 24 hours but only for 30 minutes per bike!!!! Stick to the mainland where you can swap bikes every 30 minutes. Rent a bike on the island.

Are bike rentals still occurring during this thanksgiving long weekend?

Hi. Do you still rent canoe at this time of year? I have a few tourists in my group who are interested. Thanks, Carl Racette Tour leader

When I went to island lost and found there was no one there also the same for the police station. What is the number or hours of operation as I went three times over the course of the day

I missed my backpack which had my iPhone and ids. If I could be contacted I feel that 311 may have it as. As I had seen it on the back of there truck, but was unable to chase the truck. It would be greatly appreciated if I could be contacted.

When we arrived on the island on Sept. 24, 2017, we asked the man at the information booth what the ferry schedule was but he was unhelpful. That is basic information he should know.

Hi there - I lost my iphone returning from Centre Island to Toronto last night, and I'm wondering whether anyone has turned one in, or if you have a lost and found number I can contact. Thank you in advance, Daphne

Hey my name is ginelle chung-bascom, i think i left my wallet on the ferry, is there any way i can get it back? Its september 23rd, 2017

Hello i wanted to inquire about the canoe rentals for centre island for Saturday September 30, 2017. If you can please let me know as to the availability that would be greatly appreciated.

Hello there, My name is Allan Dawe. I am not sure if this is the right place to be emailing but I was on centre Island on Sunday and lost my wallet and blue/green roots backpack. I am not sure if I left it on the ferry or near the animal farm. Can you please email me back and let me know if they have turned up. Sincerely, Allan

I have read that my dog is allowed on the island, so am I able to assume that she is allowed on the ferry?

Hi I would like to bring my family to toronto island. Can you please let me know if bike rentals and the boat rentals are still open? Thanks

Hello I am planning to go to the islands next week. I just wanted to know what the boat house rental schedule is and do they accept debit . Thanks

Hi we are planning a trip today to Centre Island. Can you let me know if the bike rentals and beaches are open , and if so, what times. Thank you

The port-a-potties next to the closed washrooms were so disgusting yesterday, the 12th, that my 6 year old couldn't pee. You should be ashamed! Pee, feces and garbage everywhere!

Hi, I would like to kayak to Centre island for the day. Is there a docking area where my kayak can be left while I'm on the Island? Thank you, Liberio Viana

Olympic island is still closed as of Sep 12.

Hi, can you please let me know the ferry schedule to any of the Toronto Island's on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th October 2017?

Hi, We're planning to visit Toronto Island on September 15th, 2017, and we would really like to picnic on Olympic Island. However, we've heard that Olympic Island may still be affected by the floods and might be closed to the public. So my questions is, is the Olympic Island open to public (and picnic) or is it still closed? Thank you!

Hello, i am curious as to what is open and not open this weekend (Sept 9-10)

The lost and found is on centre island. As you get off the ferry walk toward the amusement park and keep looking left as the lost and found is not immediately next to the path, but you can see it easily. It\\\'s a 3 min walk from the ferry docks

Hello, I have lost a woman's bracelet on the island. It's very light and thin, made of platinum. Do you have a lost and found on the island?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone turned in a camera

Can we still take photos of the airshow from Hanlan Point or has the Electric Island Festival closed it off?

Most facilities are open this weekend. A few areas a closed but those aren't the popular attractions. A visit this weekend should be fine, go ahead and enjoy!

Hi there. I would like to understand what is not open this weekend (September 2-4) on Toronto Island. Like to bring the family, rent a quad-bike and possibly enjoy the beach. Thank you Steven

I see that there's a paid event called Electric Island going on this weekend at Hanlan's. Does this mean we can't access the beach without paying?

is the hanlan's optional clothing beach open/

Hello, Yesterday I took the 8:15pm ferry from hanlans point to the city and I forgot a pink bag on their with about 4 water bottles in there. One of them is U of T, another is a big clear hug like bottle with black around it. There was also a somersby cider in there. I need the bottles as they have sentimental value. Thank you!

Where are places to stay on Toronto Islands?

Is the frisbee golf course open?

Hi: I have heard that the mosquitoes on the island have been tested positive for West Nilevirvus? Is this true?

Hello. We're wanting to rent a quad bike. Do they book up quickly? What are the chances of actually getting one?

You can always take a water taxi back if the ferry is packed, the line is long or you are just impatient or in a hurry. I tried it yesterday for the first time and it was a good experience. It's $10 for adults, $5 for kids and it's much faster than the ferry: 5m including getting on and off compared to about 30min for the ferry to boards and disembark. Yes, the ferry is cheaper. But the water taxi is certainly a good option if you don't mind paying extra for faster service.

Hi there! I am wanting to bring food to BBQ on the island for a small group of people. I know I have to bring my own charcoal for the BBQ\'s that are on the island, but where are they located? And is it likely I\'ll be able to use one on a Monday afternoon? Thanks! Krista

I am very interested in steam vessels including the Toronto Island ferry ''Trillium'' and would like to know of whom to contact for information about her, please. T hank you very much.

Re: parking for reasonable rates. Yes, there is parking. No, the rates are not reasonable. $40/day for a good spot that is very close to the ferry terminal. $30 a bit farther.

We are going on the island Thursday the 17th, from about 6 to 10. Is there any car parking close by for reasonable rates?

we are going stand up paddleboarding on Wards Island. I knowthey don't have any lockers there, but are there any lockers anywhere on Wards Island?

Hello, I was wondering if Snake Island is open for use this season? Thanks, Collin

Are there spots on the islands where you can allow your dogs to access the water?

Hi, is the Gibraltar Point beach opened for swimming after flood? Thank you.

hello-is the Aug 4 Friday night fire parade happening?

I heard the islands finally re-opened monday including hanlans point beach, but dies that inckude the clothig optional area of the beach? Thanks everyone

Instead od Hanlan's Point naturist beach go to Warded Beach! The Federation of Canadian Naturists cites Warden Beach, found down a path to a pumping station between Warden Avenue and the eastern edge of the Toronto Hunt Club golf course. Join us for the 14th Annual Canadian Naturist Festival on Aug.10-13, 2017@ Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park:

Are there fireworks on August 7th? Is there a charge for parking at the ferry terminal? Thank you.

How often does the Ward's Island ferry currently run? We are going to the restaurant.

It's official: The islands are set to re-open on July 31st.

Hello, I'm wondering if there's a confirmed date for the reopening of the island to the general public? Last I heard, the island would be closed until July 31, is that still true, and does that mean it will be open on August 1? When will the decision be made? Thank you!

Are the islands open today?

well i'm glad I found this website; would have been disappointed; least theres the Aquarium to visit..

Can you get to Hanlans Point yet? I know everyone is saying the island is closed but I can see water taxis and the tiki taxi still taking people over so I'm wondering if Hanlan's is back to "normal"...

Is Hanlan's Point closed or open this weekend?

The island is still closed to non-residents. Sorry everyone wherever you come from, this is not a good year so far for the island for tourists and for locals. It's also very tough on businesses who rely on summer business :-( July 31 is the current scheduled open time but this can change pending the City's evaluation.

Hello we\'d like to visit the Ward\'s Island today. We come from France, we\'ll be staying for a couple of days. I read the flooding casing a total closure of the park until July 31. Did I get this right? Thanks for your reply.

Is Toronto island open for visitors? We are coming from Niagara Falls and would be very disappointed if the islands were closed due to flooding :( if they islands are open what kind of activities are there for adults? Is there a beach? Thank you

The Island will remain closed until July 31 :(

Hello is wards island open? It says June 30 here on the website so just wondering if it is open now?

Hi, Just want to check on the status of the islands, if they are open or closed July 8-12. Thanks!

It is now July 4. Is Toronto Island Park open for visitors?

When is the amusement park opening?

Any update on when the island will be re-opened after the flooding? I have never been and was wanting to go to hanlan point beach. Thanks

Is Toronto Center Island is open now?

Visiting towards the end of July, how are the water levels doing? Really sorry to hear you had this problem, must be awful for the businesses!!

Are the Ferries going to be running to Centre Island this weekend? Canada Day Weekend.

Is there any update on whether the island will be open to the public this weekend? We would want to cycle round and see the views of the city, don't really mind if the theme park and beaches aren't accessible.

Hello, I wonder if Toronto Island will be open for next Monday's holiday, July 03. I would like to visit the island on this day. Thank you!

hello there just wondering is toronto island open after the flooding? thanks

I am writing a story that includes the Toronto Islands. I would like to know if it is physically possible to walk from Channel Ave on Ward Island to Billy Bishop Airport. When I do a mapquest it makes me take the ferry back to the mainland first. My story is after an apocalypse so the airport won't be one anymore, and any rules, other that those of nature won't apply. Also, if this is possible, how long do you think it may take? An approximation would be awesome!!!

How come the islands are not yet available for public ? What is the big deal ? A little flood ? Unbelievable...

My heart goes out to all of the residents. I know you will bounce back and be better and stronger than before.

The island is closed until July 31 - at least.

Hello, We are a group of friends planning to go for a trip to Toronto islands on Sunday June 25. i wounder what type of buses you have and how much it will cost us. we will be around 40 to 50 passengers mixed between adults and children. i need you to provide me with a quotation on all the buses options and prices ASAP. Regards

I've been watching Toronto Island from the CN Tower Cam. As I looked at the Hanlan dock and the road just beyond it, I ask myself if I'm looking at asphalt or water covering the asphalt. Looking forward to drying times. Good luck.

Due to flooding, the Toronto Island Park is closed until further notice. According to City of Toronto officials the park will likely remain closed until at least June 30, possily beyond.

Are the islands still flooded?

Hi, I'm thinking about running the Island Girl half marathon in September. What are the chances that the island will be dry and ready for visitors by that time?

When is Toronto Island offcially open?

The Island is flooded right now ! Only service to Ward's Island, much of the Island is not accessible due to high water. Many of the roads are deep in water, deeper than most high topped rubber boots.

We've recently added a few new pages and updated existing content to get ready for the summer!

Yes, there will be a garden tour this year. For more info check the Tours page of this website.

Planning an event for the island, just wondering if there was any paid or public wifi on the island?

Are you having a garden tour of the resident\'s houses this year and if so, when? I went once and loved it. Would like to go again

Guided tours of the Toronto Island Community by longtime residents will begin June 1, 2017. For details,check out our Facebook page Walk Ward's Island or email us at

Hi i was in cenreville island with my family on last sunday , eastern sunday. my daughter left her jacket there and i have been calling the island since monday to ask if they found it,but no reply up to now.

Bike rental is not yet open

Hi, Can bikes be rented during the month of April or is the bike area only open in summer? Thanks!

Hi there, I apologize in advance for the obscurity of this question, but my husband and I are in the process of planning an oceans-themed educational attraction for kids and are on the lookout for 6-10 well-worn lifejackets to use as decor, similar to the ones used on the Toronto Island ferries. I'm wondering if there's any chance that you are getting rid of any and we may be able to take them off your hands? Thank you for any insight you can provide, it's truly appreciated. All the best, -Katie

Can I bring my motorcycle to the Island for the day? How do I go about doing this?

How much does it cost to rent a bike?